Thursday, December 08, 2005

Trying to find some bright spots...

First, that Nancy and my other friend N immediately agreed to help me move if needed. Thank you so much!!

Second, that Mr Tech at my school, who I became friendly with earlier this year, came in as I was struggling, all confused, to make Star pick up the wireless connection in the teacher's lounge. A colleague had his laptop up and running, connected, and I put Star as close to the other one, but she just wouldn't grasp that signal. So Mr Tech comes in and ends up getting me an ethernet cord, uncovering the ethernet outlet in the lounge, and directing me in making it work. And it did, beautifully! I was very grateful.

Third, that I FINALLY got onto the college's wireless network. It took five people in three different places, but it all worked out and now I'm sitting here, recharging, working and listening to music.

Fourth, that I'm proud of myself for getting in the assignment that was due last Thursday/Friday, finally just now. I have my book here to get started on the one that's due today...but we'll see. I'm really exhausted right now.

Fifth, that it's Friday tomorrow. Oh lord, I need it. At this point, though I'm looking forward to the Teachers' Poetry Reading and the Farewell party tomorrow night, I think I'm more excited about the potential naptime on the trainride into the city.

Sixth, that Nancy just posted a comment about Legal Aid. I didn't know about them and now that I do, I will be calling them very soon. Especially if my subleaseperson can't/won't explain just what the hell is going on with the lawsuit against the landlord. I don't even know what it involves, if I'm on it, if I'm expected to pay for something lawyer-related at some point, or what.

Seventh, that even though it seems the Pretty Place will not be mine, there is another studio in my neighborhood that I've been waiting to see. If it's not too bad maybe I'll just take it right away.

Eighth, the Free Stuff category of craigslist. I feel hugely relieved about having to move out with zero furniture. Even if it takes time or is not exactly perfect, free is pretty awesome.

Thanks for the good thoughts, friends. I need help staying positive, because otherwise I'll just cry. :)

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Rebecca said...

(thinks extremely good thoughts for Julie)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out for you! If I knew any fairies, I'd be talking to them.