Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ms M!

Ms M had her birthday celebration at a Belgian beer and wine bar last night. I was so zombiefied on Saturday morning that I thought I'd never make it.

But I took a nap after Saturday school and ate a little, got my laundry done and eventually arrived at the bar at 11pm. It was a lot of fun! I got to catch up with Ms M and meet a bunch of other, really nice teachers, so we all had lots to talk about. I was awake the whole time and enjoyed myself, even if I was out way past my bedtime.

Bloggers, we need another gathering! I just might need a big FAT drink next weekend. In fact, I'll make you come out to Queens. It's right on the express train, don't worry. :) Let's say Friday evening; I know a place with yummy cheap margaritas from 4-7.30pm. Mm, margaritas!


Nancy said...

Aww! I won't be here next weekend. Dammit.

Tep said...

I'd be up for a trek out to Queens... let me know what you decide!

your math teacher said...

If it's in Queens, I will be there! I swear on my life this time.. I still owe Ms. M a birthday card!

Rebecca said...

Margaritas... you people make me wish I was twenty-one.

ms. frizzle said...

Thanks for organizing, can't make it though - my school's having our holiday party on Friday. Let's do one the first week back - we'll all need a drink 'cause you know how hard the first week after a vacation is!

And what a crazy story with your landlords. Glad you have electricity again! Congrats on finding a place!