Friday, December 16, 2005

Holy crap, I'm tired

YAWN! I hate this week. Or, to put a positive spin, I am THRILLED that today is FRIDAY.

Last night's move only worked about halfway. My friend came over and we packed up both our cars, but then had to wait two hours (after 8.30) until my new roommate was home and could let us in. But we still got a ton of stuff; there's really just the big stuff to go now: a couple shelves, the computer pieces, the stereo, the last of the clothes and bedding. So I will work on that this afternoon, hopefully with some help.

I did end up sleeping at the old (crazy) place last night, as it was so late and I hate having to orient myself to a new place when it's already past my bedtime. And oh my damn, I am plum exhausted. I about fell asleep WHILE teaching my last period class.

Fifteen more minutes and I can get out of here. And take a nap, do laundry, and finish packing.

My lucky mom is going to get to help me get all settled and unpacked, for the second Christmas in a row. She's flying in next Thursday morning, and then of course next Saturday afternoon we leave for our grand holiday adventure!

And I have a whole lot of money with which to play while on said adventure! The AmeriCorps money is in the bank, and the backpay check came yesterday. For only a first year teacher, I am really happy with the amount I got. Especially since because of this situation, I won't be paying rent til the 15th of each month and thus can save up even more. And/or spend it all on trips and gifts and possibly car maintenance (gotta get the brakes checked--always a scary proposition for the old checkbook). But in my bank account is more money than I have ever had in my whole life at one time--like five times more. It is a HUGE relief to know that I do NOT have to worry about everything, at least for the next few months. What freedom!

The kids were great today; we were all quiet and tired, I think. Definitely the numbers are dwindling quickly, what with the strike stuff -- go transit workers! stick it to Bloomie! -- and upcoming vacation. But Ms F did a great lesson this morning with a l!sten!ng pass@ge and ext#nded re$ponse, so I just copied it with my other two classes. The students worked hard and well, and I love them. Even though I was about to tip over from fatigue. They still do their job.

Of course, I very well may be singing a different tune come next week or the last week of January or the entire month of June. But for now, things at school/in the classroom are still going really well. Knock on wood.

Happy hour has to be cancelled this week, I think. I imagine that the rest of the world (or at least the education world) is as tired as I am, plus I gotta move more shit. So...I suppose we have to wait until after the holidays. I know I'll need some margaritas once the real countdown begins to the big bad te$t!

Happy Friday, all, let's all go get some rest!


Nancy said...

Yay for Friday and definintely margaritas in January!

NYC Educator said...

Yup, Friday is the best. Except for next Friday, which will be better.