Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thank you!

Dear friends (who may or may not actually read this),

THANK YOU for all your support, encouragement, and good thoughts! It really means a lot to me that there is this wonderful network of good-hearted people, even if I haven't met them all in person. So thanks bunches. :)

I am really looking forward to Thursday afternoon. I will be picking up the keys on Wednesday (and may even sneak in a few boxes at that time), then I will take my packed-up car directly to my new home and begin moving. A couple people have offered to help--Tep, if you're in Queens and have a car or truck, I would love to have your help! :)--which should make things go much faster and more fun. I think it will be fairly easy to get all of it on Thursday, which means that happy hour on Friday is ON.

There is one more crazy-as-shit thing that happened on Sunday night, that I sort of heard but decided to ignore (that's why earplugs are worth their weight in gold!). The police had to come out AGAIN and now I am thoroughly convinced of the landlords' psychotic...ness. So, I'm just hoping that Thursday arrives without incident. "Hoping" not "expecting," mind you. Whatever. I just keep telling myself that the nightmare is almost over. Good things will come again very soon.

I'm still exhausted and worn out, so I am glad I stayed home. It was tough coming back to school today, in a Monday mindset, when everyone else had been here yesterday. But the day went fine. We reviewed te$t pr#p stuff and they finally got to use all the questions they and their peers had written. I think that was cool. Sadly, some of the questions were poorly written so there was either a lot of debate or choosing of the wrong answer. I tried not to interfere too much. The students did very well. They all stayed on task and worked hard, even if they forgot to do the steps in the right order, or if they were being bossy or passive. My kids are so good; I'll be totally spoiled for next year.

I have a couple errands to run and I *really* want to take a nap. And I can pack a little more; I gathered four book boxes to fill. Ooh, and guess what--I can watch tv again! I'm sort of excited, though I was glad that I was forced to be away. It made me remember that for the most part I don't care about tv and it doesn't really matter. Some shows, though, I was really upset about missing. Oh well, that's why TWoP is my friend.

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