Saturday, December 17, 2005


When I got home after school, I took a nap for about an hour. Then I got up and started getting stuff together and cleaning and packing my car. That took until 6.00, when I left and went to the new place. It took til 7.00 to unload the car by myself. I had to go back again, get my laundry and bedding and some kitchen stuff. But then I was back at the new place again, only a couple trips up, and spent the next two hours organizing and stuff.

And I made some decent progress; I was pretty proud of myself and relieved, too. First I set up the bed, then the computer. Priorities, people. (The tv was already there and working, so I didn't have to do anything with that. Though I do need to connect the VCR.) Most of the clothes got hung up in the closet right away, so I didn't need to do much with that. I put together the wire box thingies that Mom and I bought this time last year. I set up the big plastic shelf left over from an old roommate. Put things away in the bathroom and a few things away in the kitchen.

I still have a number of boxes to go through and find stuff. I'm going to keep the boxes of books separate and unopened for now; gotta save room for other stuff first.

I was totally going to call in for the Saturday thing and not go; I figured that moving is a pretty damn good excuse for not working. But I got a good amount done last night, and got a fairly good night's sleep, that I couldn't give up the money for three hours' work.

I'm still at school, using the ethernet connection. The online things at my new home work, but my desktop didn't really work last night, and I don't want to chance it, so I'm sitting in the teachers' lounge, tummy rumbling, catching up on email and blogs like the nerd I totally am.

From here I'm going to go shopping, for shelves/dressers and/or groceries. Mm, food. Oh shit, and I should load up a few more things from the old place. Grr! Moving sucks.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, moving is stressful, but congrats on finding a new place.

In answer to your comment on my blog-- yeah, that's why none of my poetry or short stories find their way onto my blog (at least none that I might conceivably submit for publication). I don't know that much about copyright laws but I don't want to take any chances. I'm just SO EXCITED that I'm getting published...

Nancy said...

yay! you can live like a human again. sweetness.

NYC Educator said...

It sucks, but it'll be worth it when it's over. It's like exercise. You feel like you're gonna die, but when you're finshed, you're sure glad it's over.