Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Why is NaNaNoNoBloPooey always in November, which is always the busiest month? Gah, I can't keep my head on straight. At least the month is already (already?!) officially half over and Thanksgiving is next week! How time flies.

I've had a crazy week so far with work. In the consulting job, I've got some client meetings out around the city this week. So I'm commuting around with a laptop and being a Very Important Business Lady Who Doesn't Wear High Heels, which is a fun role to play here and there. Until my shoulder starts to ache from carrying a heavy computer bag around, at least.

But then I come home and still have over an hour of stuff to do for the paperwork job every night. Which is what I need to be doing right now, actually. Today was a very long day and I am pretty tired. At least the rest of the week will be a little quieter.

It's wonderful that even though there's lots to do, I'm not locked into certain hours and being certain places. So tomorrow morning I have time to sleep past dark, call the dentist and run to the bank, before going to a meeting. I love that. And not just the flexibility, but it gives me some variety. I've woken up early for a few days, but tomorrow I don't have to. Today I worked eight hours, but tomorrow it will probably be four or five. How awesome is that?

Also, it is FANTASTIC to have the iPhone. I could not do this job without having internet on me--checking email, looking at maps, finding the nearest Starbucks for their free wifi.

You know what else is fantastic? Having this great husband to support me, give me a hug and a shoulder massage if I need one. :)

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Peruby said...

I'm jealous! Love those shoulder massages. I sure could have used one yesterday. Arrgghh! is right!