Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday

Friends, I had a lovely day today. Mostly because I finally had a chance to sleep in! Ahh, what a difference some good rest makes.

I also got some major progress on my to-do list. (The 'notes' feature on the iphone is one of my favorite features! I'm a little bit of a list-lover.) However, deleting tasks means that I don't have a record of what I accomplished. Hmm. But one of my projects was my passport--I'm updating my name. So I set up my tripod, flash and umbrella to take my own passport photo. I can't wait to gather stamps in my new passport! I hope we can add one every year.

I also tried one of the new brownie recipes that Nancy shared, partly because who doesn't want brownies, and also to test it out. We're bringing a dessert to Thanksgiving this year and I want to make sure I make something tasty! These are definitely tastier than the previous one, though since I used a square pan, they don't look fudgy and thick like the picture. Not convinced that they're great (due to user error) yet, so I'll probably test out the other one later this week.

Tomorrow I finally have a dentist appointment! It won't be pretty, but I'm glad that I'm finally getting it done. Wish me luck and lots of novicaine. :)


Anonymous said...

So no point in adding something to the list just to cross it off? I guess whoever created that feature isn't a list maker. Maybe there is a free app you can download that is better?

Also, Beirut *cough* stamp *cough* passport.

NCavillones said...

one, yes, if you can get to the middle east, do it! i've never been to lebanon but i have been to israel. AMAZING and i'm sure lebanon is even more so...

two, i think you will probably like the craft of baking recipe better than the Bakers' one. i know i do! lol.

J said...

L: I know, right? Glad I'm not the only one who does that sometimes. :)
As for Beirut, I have a possible compromise...we'll chat tomorrow for t-day, right??

Nancy: I will make them today! or tomorrow! And I'm thinking about being a ninja and adding some fun stuff to the brownies.
(oh god, not drugs or anything; things like other flavors or components!)