Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

I hope everyone is having a restful and fun day so far, and will be with family and/or friends to celebrate.

I have much to be thankful for this year.

First, I am so thankful for my husband, who became my husband this year. He proposed, and put up with, and finally helped with all the wedding hullaballoo. He's been extremely supportive this fall while I've been unemployed or underemployed, and encouraging me to go for things I'm interested in.

My family was also really supportive and wonderful with all the wedding stuff. They were so excited for us and supportive, and I felt so blessed to have them all come to New York to celebrate with us. I got my third ever photo of my mom and dad and me together in one place.

And how could I forget the friends and cousins that flew across the country for our wedding? It meant so much to have you there! The whole wedding was a great experience--the outpouring of love and support, plus cake!

I've made more friends this year, which is something I always want. I have to give a thanks to my friend who invited me to be part of a book club, which has been such a joy--meeting with women my age for a few hours a month, eating, talking, laughing, and hello, books! This year I've been a lot more social, hanging out with friends at home or at a cafe or park or something. I hope that this lasts and I continue expanding my friend circle.

I'm grateful that I had an amazing summer. I didn't work or worry about work, I had time to relax, have fun but also get things done (since nothing gets done during the school year). We got to travel and have adventures in other states. We got married, of course! I really tried to focus on what was happening, instead of being anxious about the fall.

I'm even thankful for some unemployment. Though it got boring at times, I was glad to have some downtime. I felt rested, and I could do things during the day and on weeknights. I got in a better habit of working out, since I wasn't exhausted from eleven hours at school.

Now, of course, I'm glad to be working. Even though it's crazy as all get-out right now, and I'm kind of worried about next week and how I'll get everything done. I'm doing some interesting things, I'm gaining experiences, I'm getting some paychecks, I'm keeping busy but not shackled to a rigid schedule.

I couldn't do a thankful post and ignore this here blog--I am grateful for each of you that's ever stopped by and/or left a comment. I really appreciate this little community that we've built over the last few years and I'm still amazing anyone is still reading (especially with all the drivel non-content this month. yeesh.), and I'm glad you're here.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have a fantastic long weekend!


Katie J. said...

Still very much here and definitely enjoying your posts, "drivel" or otherwise. Hope you had a spectacular Thanksgiving, Jules!

Schoolgal said...

Your posts were not always about "the teaching". I enjoyed your travels, your BF now hubby, your pics and your creative nature. And, if it weren't for you, my dishes would not be washed every night and I would never have put a percentage of my salary into savings. Thanks!