Friday, November 26, 2010


Continuing Round 4, the other project we did in Wallingford was building a labyrinth in one of the parks. I loved this project--it went so fast and it's permanent--still there for the entire community to enjoy!

First we learned about labyrinths and what they mean, and we learned how to draw a simple one. We went to the site and drew out a huge one in the sandpit--maybe twenty feet in diameter. Then we set out the pathways with bricks, carefully measuring to keep the paths a constant width.

The completed bricks:
We filled in the paths with a fine gravel.
The gravel had to be tamped down with a special machine to really pack it and make it secure.

Two days later, we opened it to the public!

After I moved to New York, it became a sort of tradition to take a mini road trip (it's about a two-hour drive) to visit the labyrinth over Thanksgiving weekend.

It's been nice to see change and additions over time; they've added a brick pathway and a plaque honoring our team and the sponsors. Plants fill the space around the edges.

But mostly it's a time to contemplate life, my wonderful experience in AmeriCorps, and enjoy recollecting the years since. It's been a crazy eight years, and I'm sure the next eight have even more adventure in store.

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