Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here, Have a Cookie

You probably need one. I know I do.

Dude, what happened to my weekend? Whew. I have been steadily doing stuff all day, working through a giant to-do list, getting all frizzled and frazzled with something calling my attention everywhere I looked. I did get through a lot--some work stuff; an errand for a friend (which I biked to, so I could check off 'work out' too); photographing things to put up on craigslist; some exciting research for our spring honeymoon!; and I joined a model/photographer website, which prompted several hours of fun, editing older photos. In the evening I finally noticed that I'd made a huge mess all over the apartment, so I put on some music and got to tidying. As much as I hate cleaning, I do like looking around at a neat apartment.

One task for the day was making cookies. I had decided on sugar cookies so I could use my rolling pin and cookie cutters. I used another recipe from Slow Like Honey. And thankfully, they turned out great! They taste just like Christmas cookies you leave out for Santa. Hurray!

After Mister Beana's comment about baking powder, I carefully leveled the measuring spoon. And there is no baking powder in this recipe, and it doesn't have the funny taste. My next step in the Mystery of the Weird Cookie Taste is to try another recipe, using new baking soda and very carefully level the spoon.

Now I should probably eat some dinner. And then try to relax a bit. But gah, still so many things to work on...

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