Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vote Here

Tuesday was Election Day. It was actually quite inspiring to see everyone talking about voting on facebook. It helped motivate me to get excited about voting too.

I'm not gonna talk politics here because A)this is not a political blog, B)I'm not very knowledgeable about most current events, C)I hate the hours of calculating results which are going to change anyway, D)I like you all regardless of what your political views, E)everyone else and their mother will have too much to say about all of this, and F)some of it is depressing and I'd rather stick my head in the sand.

So once again, yay for voting and participating in democracy! Especially when you get to be in a pretty building--this was the ceiling of the room in which I voted:


Schoolgal said...

Now that's some cafeteria. Must be a remodeled charter :)

J said...

ha, yeah right! it's borough hall. :)