Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Birthday fun!

So last night ended up being a little more than just a dinner out for my birthday.

Husband had me meet him in the city "to help him run an errand." Well, I figured there was something in there and indeed there was--the "errand" was the Apple store! He bought us both iPhone4s!! Wow!

See, I have always had the free phone and kept them for years. Kind of prided myself on not needing or wanting the latest shiny gadgets. But...then texting kind of became a necessary thing, and the piece o crap phone can text but it takes for.ev.er. The phone has actually been malfunctioning with incoming calls lately too.

So in the last couple months I've starting feeling twinges of Gadget Desire. I'm a little ashamed, but I kept thinking of ways it would help me (like remembering where I parked, adding things to a to-do list while out and about, being able to write a text with punctuation!), and I finally started to accept that yes, I actually wanted a New Fancy Phone.

Obviously Husband was aware of this, and we've talked about it. But still, he wasn't supposed to just buy me a brand new one! I've made him promise not to buy anything for Christmas. :)

But man, it's pretty exciting. It's all shiny and new, it takes video, I took some photos this afternoon, there are games, I can check email while out and about. Whee, there are so many fun things to do!

Anyway, so we got the phones ready to go and then we went to a lovely dinner nearby. Had a tasty frozen margarita and a big chunk of chocolate cake. (With real food in between, of course.)

The night wasn't over then--Husband also bought us theater tickets! We saw In the Heights. It was good! Some great performances, plus lots of dancing!

We came home and immediately started playing with and setting up the iPhones. :) Lots of fun to be had. I played with it today and am starting to get a feel for things. Any recommendations for good free apps? So far I got facebook, flickr, yelp, and google, and a few card games.

Oh! I attempted a photo project as another way to celebrate my birthday and make a memorable product. I thought it would be fun to do thirty-one jumps! And I would get other people to jump with me, and find interesting new places.
Well...thirty-one different things/places is kind of a lot. I made it to eleven. :) I got two guest stars (not including Husband, who did two with me) and jumped in three boroughs!

Ack, this post has kind of been all over the place. In sum, it was a long, fun birthday!


Mei said...

Words with Friends! I am addicted!

rddietrich said...

Glad you had a good day! You deserve it! Have fun with your new phone as it isn't everyday that a husband gives his wife the gift of gab;-)