Sunday, November 07, 2010


So how about that budget project? I continued the cash-only goal for October (with a few exceptions) and kept track of my spending.

Groceries: This month I only spent $87, down from $100. I think I bought fewer ingredients. However, this also includes some food bought for a potluck-type get-together. So this means I used my money better, ate more of what was already in the cupboards, and/or ate less. Most likely a combination of all three.

Restaurants: $25, which is roughly the same as last month, except it was spread out over more smaller pieces. The biggest one was a dinner out with some flickr friends.

Shopping: $65 for household goods, plus another $46 for some clothes at Target [an entire outfit--a pencil skirt, a thin sweater, and earrings/necklace. One of our outings last month was a talk by Clinton Kelly, so I was definitely inspired to get some clothes that are polished and mature, and also have color, texture, pattern, or shine (hence the coordinating jewelry--a nice purple to contrast the jewel-toned dark green). I haven't worn the outfit yet but look forward to breaking it out and feeling very put-together.]. Total of $111, which sounds like a frightening number.

Transportation: increased to $60 in October, because I have been commuting to an office four or five days a week.

Total spent for the month: $305, down from $353 in September. Not too shabby, especially considering that my credit cards have been nice and low, which means that I can spend more of what little money I have on regular things.


NCavillones said...

25 dollars in restaurants, in NYC?! How did you manage that... Good job, by the way. Henry and I have been talking about switching to the envelope method, where the cash for the weekly budget is divided among envelopes for each expense.

rabi said...

did you have a lot of food stockpiled at home already? the only way I can imagine feeding myself for $87 is if I ate nothing but rice and beans, and not even very much rice and beans at that. seriously, how did you do that?!