Friday, November 19, 2010


It's another busy day. For all you teachers, only a few days until a super long weekend!
Happy Friday, everyone! PS: Have you tried the Instagram photo app yet? Do it!! I'm also playing with Hipstamatic, where you can change lenses and films to use for different looks as you take photos. I like that with Instagram you can try different filters on photos already taken.


Schoolgal said...

Do you also recommend using photo shop?

J said...

Depends on what for. For simple snapshots, no, not really, unless you want to clean up little things like blemishes and know how to do that kind of thing.

I use PS or Lightroom consistently for wedding/portrait photography, and sometimes for fun effects with more everyday photos.

picasa is a good, basic, free editing tool to start with--you can crop, straighten, give different color or texture effects, brighten or darken, etc.

Schoolgal said...

Do you also do kid portraits?

J said...

I do! I love portraits.