Wednesday, November 24, 2010

River project

For the first two weeks of our fourth round, we worked in Wallingford, Connecticut, where we had two projects. First up was clearing logjams in the Quinnipiac River for a week. Each day we loaded into canoes, armed with loppers and saws, and paddled until we came upon a jam. We would 'park' the canoes, jump into the water, and do whatever we needed to move the blockages.

Of course I had my camera with me for this project, stashed in my handy cargo pockets. I kept it in the drybag when I wasn't using it, I think. I had the foresight to capture a few big sites that we cleared:

Canoeing downriver, we came upon at least three large fallen trees.

We sawed them up and moved them out.

Looking back at the cleared path:

The most impressive was a backup of debris, both natural and manmade, at a bend in the riverbed. This required the full team, doing different tasks.

Some people sawed up the big pieces of tree, while others gathered garbage in their canoes.

Finally, we cleared a path!

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