Thursday, November 04, 2010

working girl

Forgive me for not mentioning this earlier, but I have been working!

Four weeks ago, I started as a consultant for an educational company. It has a product in schools and so I'm the liaison between the company and the city schools. It's kind of perfect, actually. It's only part-time, which means I don't have to get up very early and don't stay in the office for a full day. Soon it will probably become more of a work-at-home and go visit schools kind of gig. It's not permanent; it's supposed to go through the winter.

Also, I just got another very-part-time job working at home, for another education organization.

All of this is exciting in several ways. First, it means I'm enough of a non-idiot for people to hire me. Second, it means that I will start to see some money again. Phew. Third, and most significantly, I'm over the hard part of this transition. I don't want to be a teacher but I do want to keep working with schools. Now I have a real job that does exactly that, which should pave the way in the future for more work in a similar capacity. Meaning that now I have more non-teaching experience people will believe me that I can do something other than teach.

All three of these things make me feel very relieved too.

Well, until I remember that now I technically will have three part-time jobs, which means my free time is decreasing. So I'll have to get good at managing what time I do find. My google reader is going to stay unread for a bit, which makes me a little anxious (I love making the unread number go down. I'll just start deleting things I don't 'need' and then read some, not because I'm excited to read it, but because I need that unread number to decrease. I am weird.). I haven't been reading much lately, but have been a bit obsessive with sudoku. That actually works perfectly for life periods like this, because it's good for commuting and a puzzle before bed, but you don't have a big unread book mocking you. My netflix movies will stay unwatched as I try to keep up with tv shows during the week. It will be a little more difficult to fit in NaBloPoMo posts, but I am pretty determined to find a way somehow. I am not at all promising anything interesting; like I said, mostly my planned posts are just updates or photos. Whoop de frick.

Anyway, so with all that said, I have a couple work things to look at now, and then tomorrow I'm staying home to get some other errands done. This flexibility thing, and being able to do things in the daytime...well, I may never get over the novelty and joy of that! :)

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