Sunday, November 07, 2004

Assholes vs Nice/Normal People

Assholes are the types that judge, insult, and name call. Assholes are instigators and aggressive. Assholes don't care about anything except getting their overinflated opinions out there.

Nice/Normal people defend their friends against assholes. Nice/Normal people know that it isn't done to snap judge and name call people. Nice/Normal people would rather have a discussion that a one-sided tirade.

A bad-speller Asshole posted here yesterday. I reacted to it. I tried to defend myself. A Nice/Normal person also defended me. I was grateful. The Asshole tried to have the last word with both of us. But I took a deep breath and let it go. I am not going to get into a flame war on my own fucking website. It needs to be acknowledged, though, so here is this post.

Let's get something clear, folks. If I want to rant here about being sad, being happy, or being high on crack, that is is my prerogative. It is neither conceited nor a power trip to state that this website, as with all blogs, is about me (or whoever is the author).

This is a forum for me to discuss what I see in my world. It helps me process things that I'm going through, things I'm learning, loving, and hating. Certainly I am a privileged person in a privileged country. I am highly aware of that, believe you me; Women Studies gave me all kinds of perspective. However, though I know things could be harder for me, my life right now is not easy. The amount of mental work required to be a new teacher is astonishing, and I'm not sure that I'm cut out for it all. That's what writing in this space is helping me figure out. But I also share positive things like books I love, and websites that are funny, informative, or interesting.

So imagine my shock and dismay when a perfect stranger reads it, and trashes not the site (which wouldn't be a shock, though still rude), but me. That is not cool. That is the work of an Asshole.

Please. Friends don't let friends be assholes.


thesocialworker said...

Why are you swearing?

You called yourself a loser. I think what you intended to say was "I don't want to be loser", as in you are a loser and don't want to be, rather than "What a loser I am", which seems pretty matter of fact. Who am I to be challenging this view? Have I not respected your beliefs?

Hmmm... I "judge and name call people" do I? This is interesting, because you didn't seem to have any problem slagging of President Bush supporters. Let me refresh your memory... "Americans are brainless twits like GW Bush". Can I use the word 'hypocrite'? Or would that be impolite? Next, can you direct me to all name calling that I'm aparently guilty of?

I think most people who keep blogs are aware that they're the author and can discuss whatever they like. I have read countless posts such as yours. Why some people need to point this out is beyond me.

You say: "imagine my shock and dismay when a perfect stranger reads it"

You are aware that anyone can read your blog, aren't you? If you don't want people to comment, if you'd prefer to live vacuum where you hear only your own voice, turn the feature off. That way, you won't ever have to think any different of yourself.

Let me leave you with a quote from one of world's greatest essayists :

"I had rather my child should learn to speak in a Taverne, than in the schools of well-speaking Art."


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better way for your post to be highlited than to have a really smarmy comment posted directly beneath it. Gahd.