Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A breakthrough indeed!

I realized a few minutes ago this:

At the example (see post) "tears fell down her cheeks like rain," at least one student in each class recognized that as a simile. No prompting or anything. Good god, they (well, some of them) learned something! From me! Dang!

Also, in Class C when I read the chapter in FmF and got to the little rhyme song, I asked if anyone knew what it was. Several said, "a poem," "a rhyme scheme," and then a kid said, "a limerick." Yes!!

So last night I crashed before 10.30 and slept pretty heavily all through the night. Praise heaven! All day I was just worn out (see post about not eating anything but some junk food...) and I am hoping to go to bed before 9.30.

Oh, and I wanted to thank the MTA gods, who were with me today. For all those buses and trains that I took on my afternoon sojourn, my total wait time was about fifteen minutes. Most of that was only for one bus; the others arrived right when I did.

The mysterious, long-coming package was the bra I ordered awhile back. It's exactly the kind I was hoping for, but...alas, it's a little small. Figures, right? I'm hoping it will stretch out, like all the others do.

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