Sunday, November 14, 2004


Oh man, I had some crazy-ass, freaky dreams. First I was walking around school with the reading teacher, and had a cane that was a metal detector. We found a beeping and eventually dug up this packet of information that was supposed to condemn Scott Peterson. There were fingernail clippings. Eww.

Anyway, so then I was late for my classes. My classroom was totally different--all white and tables and clean. I was not dressed though. I had a set of lingerie (with a camisole leotard type thing) but no real clothes, and the kids were coming in. I pulled on some jeans and then worried that that was unprofessional. The kids coming in were eighth-graders in addition to my sixth-graders, for some reason. They were all demanding and rude. I had absolutely no lesson plan. I was really scared, trying to do three things at once and figure out what to do with these kids. Then Mr Principal came in to check on something but thank god he didn't notice my attire or complete lack of teaching.

Somehow the first group of kids left and another group came in, and with those ones I just said we were going to play a game. They were excited but it took some time to get organized.

There were more freaky things that I don't quite remember, but it rattled me a lot. So I'm sitting right down and getting to work on the week's lesson plan. This is the week that the administrators are doing their "focus walks," looking for specific things in classrooms. There's at least two things I haven't done yet and will try to implement this week, so I'm a little nervous. However, since no one's been in my room/classes officially, I'm looking forward to some feedback. I feel like I should begin proving myself here.

I'm still nervous about tomorrow afternoon's conferences. I hope that parents show up, but not too many of them. I hope that I don't get flustered. I hope I remember to bring some snacks for the parents. I hope the parents don't hate me. Thursday night will be the evening conferences, and that will be a zoo. God, what a week this is going to be!

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