Monday, November 15, 2004

Quick 'n Dirty

The post, not me. Get your mind out of the gutter. It's late and there is one hell of a week still looming.

Although I hardly slept (I tossed and turned and went over lists and classroom stuff til like 2am), today wasn't too horrible. Well, actually, the beginning of it wasn't pretty. Getting up really sucked; I'd fallen hard asleep. The schedule this morning was 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods. Last week we were told that 1st period would be the 6th grade assembly, but today they switched all of them so that the 6th graders would go 3rd. So I had first period to get organized, then I taught Class A 2nd period, and it was horrid. Not cool at all. Then, after ten minutes dithering in the hallway, we made our way to the assembly. During that I talked to other teachers and a mentor, too.

The hour and a half between the kids leaving and parents arriving went all too quickly. I had to finish the bulletin board, set up the hallway "waiting area," set out the snacks/juice I bought, arrange the kids' stuff and my printouts of grades and anecdotals. Not even any time for lunch. A few bites of cereal, that's it. Well, and a few cookies, too, naturally.

Turns out I really made the right decision to come in on Saturday, even for an hour and a half.

For the three and a half hours we were "open," I saw parents/guardians/relatives of 17 students. Not bad at all. Not crazy, but definitely useful. I talked to a couple problem kids' parents, but none of the really bad ones. Cross your fingers they show up on Thursday night.

During the lulls, I rearranged the seating chart for Class A and B, and then rearranged their notebooks too. That part really sucks. Please, let this reincarnation work. They were so out of control today. Perhaps it was the short day, but of course I blame myself and lack of classroom management. I think I actually did a good job of being nasty today, it's just that some of the kids didn't give a shit.

We didn't have professional development today, and so I had even more time to organize before leaving for QC. Classes tonight weren't too bad. The math class is really frustrating for me, though, on several levels. The big one is that the class is totally useless for me, at least for this year. Next, though, is the stuff we do in class. Sometimes the teacher gives us problems to work on, and they are tricky. She says that fourth or fifth graders are supposed to be able to do them, but a good half of us don't get it. Grown, educated people. Who don't get tricky math, like me. I still get frustrated and give up.

Fuck, it's late. I'm sure there's more, but it can, and will, wait. 'Night.

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