Thursday, November 25, 2004

It's 4pm on Thanksgiving; do you know where YOUR turkey is?

Bwah ha, I don't HAVE one! Hurrah!

Last night I had another odd dream. Someone that I knew wanted a drink. It was an iced decaf triple tall nonfat one-raw-sugar something or other. And there was a stack of tall iced cups, but every single one already had writing on it. See, in the dream, I wasn't actually supposed to be a barista. It was like I was doing a favor for this person, who then got all snippy and huffy because I couldn't make the stupid drink. And I couldn't make it if it wasn't written on a cup! And for some reason, writing over the other writing on all the cups was unacceptable to me.

I really want a nap. Sleepy sleepy me.

I was really excited to watch the first disc of Felicity Season 2. Lo and behold, it was cracked and didn't play. Bugger all. So I watched Happenstance, a French film with the most awesome Audrey Tautou. It was enjoyable. It got a little too meta with "everything/nothing happens for a reason" and "every action has a reaction" or whatever. But it wasn't all cutesy-wutesy like the American Serendipity. It was actually kind of dark, featuring an adulterer, a chronic liar, a thief, a muckraker, a sugary syrupy mistress, etc. I liked it.

Now I've just finished watching the first disc of Popular. It's okay; I think the humor came in more later in the season. Really, once Mary Cherry was featured more often, along with the regular high school tertiary characters, it got much more entertaining.

In the late morning, it was a beautiful, blue-skied day. Then early in the afternoon, suddenly it was all dreary, stormy and rainy. And now the sky is that strange pink/golden/gray color with light coming from nowhere.

I am debating with myself about venturing outside to shop tomorrow. There may be sales, and it's sort of fun to spend money, but goodness it will probably be quite crowded everywhere. Do I really have the patience for it? Hm, we'll see.

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