Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Birthday to me!

It's 10.42pm. My birthday is almost over. It's been a long, blah day. I told all my classes that it's my birthday, and they wished me a happy one. A couple even gave me candy. Cute!

The lesson today was kinda cool, I think they liked it. The Shel Silverstein poem seemed to go over well, they giggled and were all, "ew! gross!" with the garbage/food descriptions. They actually did quite well coming up with alliterative adjectives--leaping leaves, crazy colors, smelly sweaters, thrilling thunderstorms, tasty turkey. Once they get some editing done, there will be some great fall paragraphs to put up on my bulletin board. Overall, I was pretty impressed with their skills, the ones that did any work, anyway. Even though it's the first day of the new quarter, several of my problem students didn't change their behavior. They still talked and were completely off task. I sent a note home, for pete's sake. The first day of the fucking quarter!

Dude, I've gotta work on being more mellow. Or at least acting like it. I think that will help. If I can fake the patience maybe they'll come around, because then I get to waste their time. I kept my big class in for fifteen minutes of their lunch period. They knew how to be quiet for that, for sure.

Tomorrow is Election Day! I mailed my absentee ballot last week sometime, it should be there by now, I hope. At least the postmark is on time. The students don't come to school, but teachers have an inservice day, professional development meetings. I'm glad; I need the help and the extra time in my room and extra time to plan. I'm forming plans for the rest of the month, but not sure if I'm supposed to wait for a new 10-week plan. Someone said this is the eighth week of the year, and Day 33. Good god, it's going to be a long year. November should be pretty easy though, with Election Day, Veteran's Day off, and Thanksgiving break.

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