Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Surreal Life

The coastal states on the west and northeast all voted Kerry. Somehow Bush got everyone else. Harrumph. I must say, it has not sunk in that the election is "over" and Bush will stay. Possibly I don't want it to sink in so I'm just ignoring it. However, it is very exciting that so many people got out to vote. Definitely the best part of the whole thing.

Today was alright. Some of the students challenge me. Not like, they're tough for me to deal with. (Though that's obviously all too true as well.) I mean, the children challenge me, my rules, my authority. The fucking bathroom! I don't know how to win those challenges. And I know that I'm all the wrong kinds of authority; if I were a reality show, everyone watching would be annoyed at my leadership style, and would know the right way to deal with it. I'm afraid I'm on my way to losing Class B. Who knows if Class A is already lost to me. I think Class C is still with me.

Ay. I've got the rest of the week figured. My plan for the next two weeks is going to be more skills-based. Now I get to work on conventions--commas, homophones, spelling, etc. God knows how I'll do lessons on all of those things, but here's to hoping anyway.

I'm tired. Only two more days of the week. And a bulletin board to put up. And things to plan. But next week only has four working days. That is exciting.

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