Monday, November 29, 2004

Back to the daily grind...

Ugh. I've had a headache all day, and I'm very tired.

ONCE AGAIN, my brain was in overdrive, thinking and planning about my students and class. Could not fall asleep. Then, I had a terribly stressful dream that I got reassigned. To a new school. Even though this one was supposed to be permanent. So naturally, I was all confused and disoriented. This new school was bricky and had weird hallway mazes and I think wrought-iron spiral staircases? There was some kind of admin lady who was kind.

Class A was a bit rowdy. The good, miraculous news is that two more disruptive students will be transferring out of there sometime this week! "Trouble" is one of them. HURRAH!!!
I wore my new purple sweater and tan cords today, with my normal black shoes. At the beginning of 2nd period, "Trouble" goes, all scornful-like, why are you wearing purple and tan and black? I said, because I am. He turns to the other kids at the table and points out my fashion faux pas. "Wearing purple, then tan, and black. Psh." I have no idea.

At the end of 3rd, I was standing in my doorway, facing in the room. Some arms wrapped around me from behind. I figure it's one of the "good student" girls, but I turn, and it's the disruptive boy from Class A that's now in Class B. He gives this big smile and said something. I'm pretty sure I looked at him like he was crazy. Raised an eyebrow and said, "Can I help you?" and "I'll see you next period." Very weird.

I got all the classes started on the bulletin board thing, what they will for winter break. I read them Fantastic Mr Fox for read aloud, activating prior knowledge. Tomorrow we will basically do the same stuff. I think I'm introducing SNOT to them: Show and Not Tell. Wish me luck.

Classes tonight were blah. My head hurts. Some tablemates made comments about my behavior, so, appropriately humbled, I tried my best to stay quiet and not in anyone's way. Then it looks (and sort of feels) like I'm sulking or something, which probably is not any better than being rude or bitchy. God, I can't win. It's difficult going from stern bitch to pleasant, enthusiastic student. I've never been a very good student. Decent, gets by, but never a model pupil. I'd hoped to do things differently, but oh well. Not nearly enough time to all of everything, so my own schoolwork tends to suffer.

I've really got to step it up this week though; next week (Monday) I have a test in science, plus turn in another lesson plan, plus turn in a MATH lesson (don't ask me how the fuck I'm supposed to do that as an English teacher), plus help prepare a moon project thing.

My head hurts. G'night.

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