Monday, November 22, 2004

Oh-ho, here we go.

Whew, it's Monday and it's a short week. Only two more days! Pardon the multiple exclamation marks, but thank god it's a short week!!!!!!!!

I could not sleep again last night. I thought I would sleep very soundly, since I was still exhausted from being out late on Saturday, but nope, just thinking thinking thinking. There were some weird dreams though, I was riding a horse for part of it. And/or driving/turning a car.

I had some frustrating parent issues today. I'll talk about that tomorrow because it's already late tonight.

Today the classes finished up their poems.

Class A was first thing in the morning. "Trouble" was in school today, dammit. But he said they're leaving tomorrow. He was in battle mode today, and just didn't quit talking. He tried making fun of the size of my nose? That was just silly and I ignored him. But it was sort of a worthless day, lesson/learning-wise. The principal stopped in for a minute to look at the room, and hoo boy, they were perfect angels. Once he stepped out of the room, of course, there went the noise levels again. GRRR. Most of the groups did finish their poems, though.

Class B went pretty okay, actually. Perhaps my standards aren't that high. But most of the kids worked and even finished.

Class C did too much talking, and we don't have time to keep working on them tomorrow.

Tomorrow we do limericks! I think it will be fun. I hope they like it.

Classes tonight weren't too bad. For science, we had a field trip to Queens Botanical Gardens. We listened to a Gardens Education dude. He strongly reminded me of that crazy teacher from Daria, the one with the loud voice, strong accent, and crazy eyeball. This guy talked like a fish hook was pulling up one side of his mouth, in a loud, very exaggerated accent. But it ended up being an interesting time; we learned about how plants were involved with the development of civilization etc, and where various food plants come from. We got things to plant: loquat, taro, jerusalem artichoke, and ginger. I want to put those in my classroom, and just hope that I don't forget to water them occasionally.

Anyway, so only two more days left!!!!! I hope I can sleep tonight!!!

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