Thursday, November 04, 2004

...Thursday Thursday, you're not quite Friday...

Today was not great, but not horrible either. Class B did alright. For reading, we worked on genres, and categorized the read-aloud selections so far. In writing, they had been behind a day, so instead of publishing, they had to revise/proofread. It was okay, I think. The same girl tried to challenge me again about the goddamn bathroom. But after talks with my mom and another teacher, I knew a little better how to stand firm. It sort of worked, but not really. She kept asking and I kept replying firmly, the answer is no. I hope that helped to set a firm groundwork for my future authority. Then another child decided to use his once-a-week pass, was gone for more than ten minutes, and also lost the pass. Grr. That one gets on my nerves, too.

Anyway, Class A came in for one period and they published their alliterative fall work. Nearly all of them finished their rewrite in time enough to decorate their papers. I was excited. I think my bulletin board will look really nice.

Class C did alright, too. They chitchat a lot, and it's not so loud and completely disruptive as Class B. But it's quiet and fairly constant, so equally irritating for me. They didn't get a lot done. In fact, I don't think any of them finished their piece.

I worked on the bulletin board during my three preps. First, obviously, I took down the current exhibit. Boy, it was dull. Anyway, then I cut out some large letters in orange and punched out some smaller, red store-bought letters. Last night I printed out a rubric, and it's on display right now so the students know what to do. The standards are the same ones that I used last time, actually. I need to write out the objective of the assignment, and choose the papers that will go up. I really should use some from all classes.

Test prep is tomorrow. I will use a page from a homework book I got awhile back. That happens during reading workshop. I think I will forgo the independent reading at least for Class B and C, so that we can review the questions, do the writing response, and perhaps even have time to finish up the bulletin board pieces. Then I've got to finish up the bulletin board itself.

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