Saturday, November 13, 2004

Notes, Shopping, Etc

It rained all day long yesterday, nonstop. But today it was all over, the sun was out. It was really fucking cold, though. Brr. It's already as cold or colder than it ever gets in Seattle. Oh yeah, this will be a fun winter. I will need to buy a warm hat and some kind of face-protecting-and-warmth-giving garment for the walks outside.

Anyway, I stayed up late last night, it being Friday and I could. But I was up at 8.00 this morning, which is pretty decent. Or was it 9.00? Hm. Anyway, I had been planning to go into school. Then I decided not to, because maybe I didn't have that much to do and could do it on Monday. Later, though, I decided to go after all; that would give me less to do before the parents began showing up. There may be a couple hours in between the kids leaving and parents arriving, and I know I will be running around like crazy, finishing up the bulletin board, organizing and tidying the room, setting out notes, letters, and student work, and just generally freaking out.

So I went to school and spent about an hour and a half in my room. I took down the old work on the bulletin board, and put up the few examples of four-squares and essays I got on Friday. I'll put the rest up on Monday, along with a new objective and rubric. Shit, don't let me forget that.

Okay, I just made my rubric, put it in nice fall colors, and printed it out. One thing done.

Anyway, I left school and went to Woodhaven for shopping. First I went to Target for some little things. Or they were supposed to be little things; I spent fifty bucks. But I bought some food things, too. Then I braved the Macy's for their Veteran's Day sale. I bought a pair of (size 9!) trousers and two simple tops (one blue and one pink). I tried to find a bra or two, but man, it's impossible. Nothing fits me. I need support but not padding, and one side is more like a B cup, the other a C. Nice, right? (Sorry if TMI.) I'm sure I can't be the only one who has this sort of experience, but days like this make me curse all small- and perky-breasted women. Grr.

Laden with a backpack and shopping bag, I made my way home. I walked behind a woman with this mass of hair--it looked just like mine except copper-colored, much longer, and not frizzy. (Exactly like my hair, except totally different. ha!) There was a lot of it and it had the same wave as my hair, that's what I mean. I think that in high school my hair got really long, but I didn't know it. Ever since then it's been various lengths of short to medium. Maybe I should grow it out. But I'd have to use something in it to make it not frizz all over the place. It does some awesome curls when I let it alone, it would be fun to have more of that. I need it cut at some point soon, though. My home trim was back in May or June, I believe.

At home, I sort of did some work, but not really. I read some and possibly watched some tv. I'm formulating my plan for next week. Just printed out my anecdotals, that's a big deal. Don't let me forget to bring those to school on Monday!!

And now it's 8pm on a Saturday. Ho hum. I don't want to do any more work today. That just means I have an entire shitload to do tomorrow; I'm so far behind on my own homework.

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