Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dang, this just isn't very interesting, isn't it?

This morning it was brightly sunny with a chilly wind. I walked the other direction on 71st for the first time, and walked for a few blocks on Metropolitan Ave. Discovered another library and a bakery. The rest of the day, I worked on my homework assignment and watched XMen2. It was cold in my room! My roommate came up with the brilliant idea of pouring some olive oil on the window chains so that I could close the window. Still, brr.

Apparently the Emmys are on tonight; I had no idea. For a moment there, I thought about putting it on, you know, in the background. But honestly, I have zero interest in award shows. So I don't even care. Bliss in ignorance, as they say.

From RE: blogging about blogs

1. RE: Your blog – when did you start and what made you do it?
I believe that the very first one...wait, now I can't remember! I started one through UW, it was fairly dull--just papers and thesis updates. The big one was through GeoCities, which I opened at the end of my junior year of college (2000), to serve as a travelogue during my study abroad in Paris. That way I wouldn't have to send out a bunch of mass emails all the time, and it also would serve as another journal/photo album of the trip. I just kept it going after that, including a big trip in 2001, and my AmeriCorps experiences, all the way up to quitting my job early this year.
During AmeriCorps, I started a team website on GeoCities so that the families and friends back home could see and read about everything we did. They seemed to appreciate it.
I was about to run out of room at GeoCities and then happened upon Blogger. I wish I'd found it sooner!
2. RE: Someone else’s blog: Is there someone who runs a blog that inspired or inspires you to start and maintain your own? Who are they and what is so special about them?
No, not really. If I think about it, the other blogs I read make mine look quite pathetic in comparison.
3. Show me the linkage! Give us some blog linkage that contain some of your favorite posts and content – - who are they? Why are you linking them?
Most of my favorite bloggers are writers for Television Without Pity---Pamie, Sars, Regina Rouge. They are brilliantly funny and intelligent women, which makes for excellent reading. Not to mention my college friend Rae, who is not only a prolific blogger, but an artist too!
4. Are you ever guilty of blog neglect? Do you feel bad? Guilty? Do you just NOT blog at all? Or try and fill your blog with stuff just so that there are regular updates? What is a busy blogger to do?? Do tell!
Sometimes I haven't had time or equipment to update, but mostly I can fill a post just fine. Now, the quality is another matter. I've yet to master the topical, well-written entry. My excuse is that this is more of a journal than a writing portfolio; also that I figure no one's actually reading it. I used to address posts to my invisible readers. That's always fun.

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