Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Long Weekend

Well, it certainly does make for interesting current events when hurricanes dump their residual rains along the Northeastern seaboard (or whatever you call this area). It's a good thing I did not leave my bedroom/apartment today. Speaking of hurricanes, my teammate Jess is heading to Florida to help with Red Cross disaster relief efforts. Good luck, be safe, Mwah! I would so love to do Red Cross again; it's a terribly unique experience to be involved in disaster relief. Someday, I will. Probably sometime in a summer, or when I'm all old and retired, like most of the rest of the recruits. No, really.

On the train yesterday there was this dude. He was completely a punk from the 80s, by which I mean the movement, not the derogative name. He had a mohawk (though it was short), a plaid button-down complete with rolled short sleeves, tight-fitting black jeans that were just barely highwaters, white socks, and clunky thick-soled black shoes. Oh, and eyeliner. I vacillated between being impressed at his efforts, or rolling my eyes at his efforts.

Yesterday I went shopping for more "household furnishings" as Money calls it--two more blankets!--and visited with two friends. In the last few days I watched some movies--Lost in Translation, which was neat, Bill Murray is the shit; 50 First Dates, which was quite cute and funny; and the newest production of Oklahoma, starring none other than our favorite stage and screen hunk Mr Jackman. Dude, three hours is a long time. And as much as I love Hugh, I like the original film version better--if just because Shirley Jones is the all-time queen of movie musicals.

This has been a very long long weekend. I had an entire weekend, and then another one right away. Four days! And it's only been three so far, but it feels very long. I suppose this makes me ready to face a new school and age group on Monday. I've actually been printing out worksheets and activities in anticipation of the event, in case I need something to do with a class. Not like I can run off copies or transparencies of any of them, but it does help me feel a little more prepared. And I'd almost forgotten about MadLibs! I'm all about educational fun.

Let's see. Like I said, it's a long and quiet weekend. Tomorrow I have to finish my homework assignment, which is a science lesson plan. I believe that's the only thing we have for Monday; I hope so, anyway.

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