Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday Forum, from the Daily Meme

Because I am such a lame writer at times, I was excited to find this site with prompts and things. Now we can get to know each other better. Woo! This one jumps right in.

1. Starting with your head down to your toes, what health/beauty products have you used/applied to your body so far today? [For example, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, cologne/perfume, nailpolish, etc.]
Let's see. Dove shampoo and conditioner, Suave kiwi bodywash, Suave toner, Oil of Olay moisturizer, some eyeliner, Maybelline mascara, Cherry Ice lip balm, and Hawaiian Ginger body spray. I do my best to be minimalist.

2. Do you have a ritual when you take a shower, such as washing your hair first or maybe even brushing your teeth in the shower? If so, what? Do you prefer baths or showers, usually?
I always wash my face first, then shampoo and rinse. Then put in conditioner, let it sit while shower gelling, then rinse. Then I'm done! Wow, that's exciting. I almost never ever take a bath; maybe one or two in the past three years or something. I like to take showers at night so that I can sleep more in the morning.

3. How do you get yourself up and going in the mornings? Coffee? A hot shower? Breakfast? Would you consider yourself a morning person at all? When do you usually get up?
I have never been a morning person, nor will I ever be. I don't ever drink coffee, though sometimes I wish I did so that I could have a caffeine rush. I can't stand the taste of coffee and I can't afford it either. In college I realized that caffeine gives me a headache, so I stopped drinking soda as much as possible. To "wake me up," I just wash my face. During the second round of AmeriCorps, we stayed in a cabin in the woods. It had no heating or hot water, but it did have running water. So I washed my face every morning in ice-cold water, got used to it, and have ever since used it as a natural pick-me-up. Man, that sounds cheesy.

4. Do you normally eat breakfast? What do you usually have? Do you usually make it at home or go out for breakfast, or do you prefer not to eat breakfast?
As stated above, sleep is always more important in the mornings. So I take the least amount of time necessary, and breakfast is not a necessity, at least not at home. In previous jobs, I brought food to snack on when I got to work, like granola or an english muffin. Lately I've mostly ignored breakfast, which sucks because I get hungry pretty early. So, I'd like to eat breakfast, but I can't afford to go out, and besides I'd like to be healthy-ish. If I ever get my act together, I'll bring a cup of cereal for the morning before school starts.

5. What does your alarm clock sound like? A buzzer, music, or something else? Do you ever set your clock fast so that you push yourself to get ready sooner? Are you usually on time, late, or somewhere in-between?
I noticed way back in elementary school that alarms have a way of getting in my head. Music would become part of whatever dream I was having, not wake me up. And buzzers just irritate the shit out of me. So what I do is basically jolt myself awake with loud music/radio. I've never really seen the point of setting the clock ahead or back or whatever, because I just calculate what time it actually is. I'm pretty good at being on time, though I have a tendency to let time go and be almost late. Just cause I'm so tired and sometimes want to stay in bed.

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