Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Silence means NO TALKING!!

I said this phrase fifty times today, easy. "ZERO! NOTHING!" I wasn't yelling, but I was speakly a little loud and definitely sternly. My throat is the most sore it's been since school started. Interestingly, it was never sore last week; I hardly ever raised my voice.

Anyway, today went alright. Last night I went to the teacher supply store (ooh! I could spend all day there, and all my paycheck too, I'm sure), and got a whole bunch of materials to begin decorating. So I lugged it (my backpack, a rolling backpack, AND a big-ass plastic handle shopping bag) on the train and the bus and up the stairs to my room. I only had time to do a couple things, but I'm planning to stay after school tomorrow and get a big jump.

I didn't get much accomplished today in class. One class had time to do a teeny lesson on fact and opinion. I'm still addressing tons of behavior problems. All the children throw paper all over the place, with their hands or even rubber bands. Oh man, does it pisses me off, on several levels. One girl was struck on the eyelid with flying paper today; I see things arcing through the air during class; there is paper and crap all over the floor. As I tell them, it's extremely disrespectful. Then they're all, so and so is hitting me! or talking about my mama! or doing something else! It's hard not to just say, oh shut up, let it go! Of course I would never say it, but that's what goes through my mind. If that makes me a bad person, well, there you go.

Um. Now I have to start figuring out what to put on my bulletin board, next THURSDAY. Shit. I think I can have them do a four-square write and then use that to rewrite their autobiographies. But that means that in a week I have to teach the four-square thing and give them time to do a couple drafts and revisions. It will be a tight squeeze. I'll just have to do my best. God, the stress NEVER ENDS.

Why am I using so many ALL CAPITALS?

Monday night I was just worn the hell out, and I slept really hard. But last night I hardly slept, again, and was awake at 5.30. You remember how much I need and love sleep, right? Sleep is like necessary gold to me; precious currency to live normally.

Yeah. Going to bed now. See ya.

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