Friday, September 24, 2004

Oh, hurrah, it is Friday.

Wow, what a week this has been. And to think, every week will be like this, for the rest of time!Well, for the next eight months. Oy. I'm tired. How I wish every weekend were three days.

Today went okay. It started off differently; apparently I didn't check in soon enough and so the schedule guy put another teacher reserve person in "my" room. I started to freak out a little bit, because of all the effort I've been putting in to my classes. I created seating chart templates last night, have been putting things up on the walls (even though I have no backing paper), and really feel ownership and responsibility for the classes and subject. When I talked again to the schedule guy, I let him know that, kind of, and he agreed to keep me there. I can't say that I didn't perk up a teeny bit at the idea of letting the whole thing go and not worrying about learning Spanish. But I also felt a pang of, hey, wait, this is mine, I've been working hard to do this and I'm making progress.

I was thrilled to note the other day that on Fridays, I don't see the monster class. However, one or two other classes are still rather unmanageable. Here's to hoping that time will wear them down. My homeroom class has turned out to be the best-behaved. They're still rowdy, but they seem to enjoy me and so respond to my requests.

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