Saturday, September 25, 2004

What's your AQ?

Because the commercials were just too strange, I went to the website. It's a quiz and then an analysis. My label turned out pretty accurate: Inward Inspirational Seeker, who is: curious, open-minded, low-maintenance, cautious, sensation-seeking. This is what else it says:

"You learn best by placing yourself in new situations--stretching your comfort zone helps you to develop a clearer picture of who you really are. You are a rare breed who places equal importance on having physical and mental adventures--you are conscious of their distinct benefits. As a thinker and experiencer, you take precautions before engaging in potentially dangerous activities. Above all, Inward Inspirational Seekers are interested in the intrinsic rewards all adventure has to offer--peace of mind, perspective and personal growth."

Aw. Eerily accurate. It's like they were reading my blog! Ha. I love personality tests. And I love adventures! Man, I can't wait to travel again, some more! All these great fares have been advertised lately, but I have no money. Travel will have to wait til spring, possibly summer.

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