Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My Ox is BROKEN!

Bwah! If you haven't been watching The Amazing Race, watch the season finale next week.

I have a new twitch. It's in my right eyebrow, and feels like a tremble/tremor thing. Oh, so fun. And get this, my quads and outer thighs have been super sore. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that the first day especially, I kept crouching down to talk to the new kindergartners on their level. Like a day full of squat lunges. OW, it hurts. Especially when I'm about to walk down a flight of stairs, I wobble a bit like an old lady. Very weird.

So now there are four days stretching out before me. What shall I do? I would love to get a library card...they require all kinds of crazy ID and stuff, so wish me luck. How I miss free books. And this local branch has a shitload of DVDs too. Ooh, I'm all excited and can't wait to go to the library. What a nerd.

I wish I could try and prepare for next week. I feel like I should go shopping for supplies, but...I don't know what to get, and I still don't really have the money yet. I did get a tiny paycheck today, made to HULIE. Assuming that the next one will be a real-sized one, I should be able to start getting back on my feet, financially. Mostly I want to get ahead on my credit card payments. The past six or seven months, I keep charging as much I'm paying off, so the principal hasn't changed much, which means as time passes I'm paying interest on interest. Grr. My only solace is that this is a recent and desperate measure; I wouldn't have been able to live on the meager income otherwise.

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