Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rocks and Hard Places

Did anyone watch that special on NBC last night, about Aron Ralston? He's the climber that got pinned by a boulder and eventually had to cut through his decaying arm in order to get free. Oh my, it was such an intense show! He and Tom Brokaw climbed right back down into the canyon where it all happened. It was the first time Aron had been back, his blood was still on the canyon walls, the epitaph he'd carved himself with a knife was still visible. The way he talked about it, you could really feel the isolation and desperation he went through. When he demonstrated the final sawing through his right arm, he fell back, demonstrating his sudden freedom. His face registered this expression--surprise, shock, disbelief at the sudden fortune,, I could feel it too. It was an incredible story.

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