Thursday, September 23, 2004


That's what I gasped when I looked over at my alarm clock--it said 8.32! The alarm was still set, but never went off. Crap, crap, crap. On a positive note, I was better rested today!

My first period class was covered for me, and I had a second-period prep today. I arrived at school at 9.30, and had some time to organize my room even more. I brought some maps today, and put up a few more vocab words on the wall. It helped make the room more homey, because frankly it's totally cold and unfriendly. The first day or two I never thought to turn the lights on, because I'm silly like that, and of course that makes a nice difference too.

Today I spent an entire period with one of my classes just with discipline. I had to wait awhile with them lined up in the hall, but then after they'd come in, it got too loud, so we went back to the hallway. And nothing got done at all. Which is a shame, but one hopes that it will build the blocks for better tomorrows. Heh, what a cheesy line. True nonetheless.
Indeed, my homeroom class, who took a long time to calm down at the end of the day, was much clalmer this afternoon.

The monster class continues to be tweaked, meaning that students are coming in and going out. One young man was there today who was completely off. Another teacher let me know that she's going to try and get him out of the class. And the dean and principal drop in now and again, and even they have to be super stern to get the students under control. But they DO get quiet for those two...and as soon as the real authorities leave, the noise level creeps up again.

So, things continue to be interesting. I'm tried in a new way many times every day. But again, I pretty much expected it, and so I'm working within that.

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