Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurrah for Long Weekends

I am so thrilled and relieved to have such a long recovery period from the first week of school. And I'm not even a real teacher yet!

I was in the hallway with the girls from this class. I was 'quizzing them' on hand-washing (it was more interesting than it sounds, especially to five-year-olds), and actually taking an authority role. In the middle of it, one of the girls goes, "I love you." Aw. Usually that kind of thing takes a little more time and more personal interaction, but it feels nice all the same. Figures, because...

On my way home today, I got a message to report to a junior high in Jamaica (the part of Queens, not the island) on Monday. Sadly, that's not a permanent position either, but it will most definitely be educational! I'm trying to think of other classroom management, because in early elementary it's cheesy things like "One, two, three, eyes on me!" or "Stop, Look, Listen." Which I've never been able to bring myself to do. I like the idea of a hand signal, but that seems a bit juvenile too. Not to mention the fact that I'll probably just be subbing around the school or something. Dude, it will be tough.

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