Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another long-ass day

It wasn't supposed to be; I'd planned on going home and crashing nice and early. Ha.

I left school at 7pm. Just under twelve hours in that building! Had a big ol' headache for at least the last hour.

After school, I talked to Ms F for a bit about lesson plotting/planning for next week. Then I made a shitload of copies (I did them double sided to save paper, though!) and finished sorting my groups for differentiated testing tomorrow.

I ended up spending my entire lunch period with students. Even invited in "Trouble" who I hadn't seen lately. He finally transferred out, but into my friend Ms C's class. She rocks though; even though she's also a first year teacher, she has awesome classroom management. I'm sure she and her class will handle him just fine. Anyway, I had them help me put up the multi-colored lights I bought last night, and organize the reading notebook bags, and unfasten the magnetic poetry words, and tidy the room. They ate it up, man. They were all, "This is so much better than lunch," and talked about how loud it is, how there's not enough time to eat, etc. It was kind of cool. I was relaxed, and very much my normal, non-teacher self. I slipped again and said "y'all" or something, actually twice. The first time, the same little boy from all week choked and said, "Don't ever say that again." And when I said something about "y'all are talking! Close your mouths!" this girl looked at me reproachfully and scolded, "That's not real English." And from classes where children say things like "Ovader" instead of "over there" and other funny accenteries. (Yes, I just made up that word. Doesn't it look nice?)

So let's see. I messed with my classes's heads when it was time for them to get into their project groups. I said, "Boys and girls, Mr Principal is in the corner, taking a nap." Hoo boy, did they all freeze like deer in headlights, then whip around to look. I said, "What, you don't see him? I do." And went on, "He is tired and does not want to be woken. So when I begin counting and you move into your groups, you must be quiet enough that he doesn't wake up." They all failed the first two or three times. Class C actually did well the third time. Class A still was a bit loud the third time, but oh well.

I don't think much got accomplished today in any of my classes. I suppose that's not new.

Anyway, so I stayed at school until 6pm, working and tidying, so that I could go to the awards assembly. I read my book until it actually started around 6.35. I left at 7pm because I hadn't eaten dinner and felt ready to puke and/or pass out.

My head still hurts. I am lonely and wish I had someone to talk to.

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