Monday, December 27, 2004

What a unique Monday

I slept about eleven hours, which was wonderful. Except the dreaming about not doing my math homework, that part was not so wonderful.

Oh wait, I better talk about yesterday. We left the house about 12.30 and went to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Looked around the Queens Museum of Art; the Panorama was pretty impressive. Bigger than I thought. It was fun trying to pick out places I knew; pretty easy in Manhattan, pretty tough in Queens. On display in another part of the museum, there was a display of a 'stained glass window' that used Jolly Ranchers instead of colored class. Fun.

There is an ice rink in the same building at the museum. We did that for about an hour. It was my first time ice skating, but I took to it pretty easily. It is indeed very similar to roller-blading, and I also just have good balance. Mom and I did some laps and also practiced turning and jump-turning. I only fell twice, when my feet got confused. Today I have a bruise on one knee and am sore in muscles like my abs and back. But it was a lot of fun and we felt pretty good about ourselves. It was funny to watch all the little kids; you would see their skates get out in front of them, they would flail for a second and then fall down. Aw.

We had taken the Q23 up to the park, and decided to take the Q58 back. We missed the stop for the G, and got out on Main Street in Flushing. Ducked into a Benetton outlet store, and bought a long wool coat. It's Italian-made, and a sort of brown-green. It's fairly fitted with exaggerated stitching on the collar and lapels. I also bought a new scarf; it's long and different blocks of autumn-type colors.

Back on Austin Street, we had a filling dinner at Sgt. Garcia's. It was a bit expensive, but tasty. I had a frozen peach drink (schnapps, cognac, juice), some American food for dinner, and then for dessert, a yummy fried tortilla covered in honey, chocolate ice cream, and whipped cream. Mmm. And, while we were there, it started to snow outside. Lovely!

This morning I slept in, we did a Bodyflow workout (I am out of shape!), and then watched television. Bianca finally woke up to her missing daughter today on All My Children! God, soap operas are so cheesy. Anyway. All we did today was shop, really.

We browsed in some shops on Austin, and then braved Queens Center. Got soft, pink slippers at JC Penney, and some gloves and a hat at Macy's.

Then we got the train to 63rd and hit Bed, Bath and Beyond. Mom helped me pick out some clothing storage things, and I bought some other little things (like Cranium Turbo for twenty bucks!). I spent a hundred bucks and we each had to carry two heavy and awkward shopping bags.

At home, we assembled the storage cubes. It took awhile to get the hang of it, but it got easier. Ate a simple dinner here, then played the new game. It was good fun, as all Cranium games are. (If you have never played Cranium before, go buy it right now. It is the best game ever invented; it's all the best games rolled into one--Charades, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and more. Guaranteed laughs.) There are new activities in this one, like "Sideshow" where you use a team member as a puppet to act out charades. I had to do "Florist" with Mom, and it was too funny, it made no sense. I did some awesome Sensosketches (drawing with eyes closed) of pedicure and police car, among others, that she did not get. Harrumph. But we had a very nice game with lots of laughing hysterically.

Enjoy the pictures. I'll keep adding them this week, there's a lot going on since I have someone to do things with and talk to. Otherwise, I would have been sitting alone at home all this time.

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