Friday, December 17, 2004

We are so close

Friday! Less than a week left of school! Mom arrives in a few days!

Today was Friday, test prep day. It was a pain in the ass, like all test prep Fridays are, but I got through it alright.

Class A was talkative. Well, that's not true. I keep generalizing the entire class, but really what I should say is, "Many boys in Class A were talkative." The Asshole kid was not bad. He was chatty, but quiet. I think we both want to avoid getting in each other's faces again; at least that's how I feel. So I'm doing my best not to come down on him if possible. Really, I try to ignore when he's not following the rules, because I know it's so pointless to get him to shape up. And he did okay today. Phew.

At lunch, with the help of Little C (who did a great job of actually focusing and helping out), Tall T and a couple classmates, the homework sorting is nearly done. Now I need a place to put it all. Great.

Those five rowdy boys of Class B were on fire today too. But I have to hand it to the rest of the class, the girls and a few boys who just did their thing, ignoring the noise coming from those obnoxious students.

On my sixth-period prep, I decided to actually take a period for myself. I took a book (Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club--a big ol' giggle-fest) and sprawled on a couch in the teacher's lounge. That's the first time I've ever completely blown off work at any time during the day. Hurrah for me. I should do that more. Problem is, of course, that when the bell rang, I was disappointed and tired.

Class C was chatty, but even though I yelled at them, I still did some "word study" for eighth period. Mainly because I didn't really want to do anything else. They seemed to enjoy it so much that they had a hard time shutting up. Not like that's new. Anyway, we played Boggle. I shook up the game and then copied the letters onto an overhead for everyone to see. There was only time for two real rounds.

I was out of there before 3 today. The student/parent/faculty potluck started at 5, but I did not want to hang around, I was already really hungry, and I was anxious to get home and chill out.

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