Monday, December 20, 2004


I just checked the Weather Channel website just now, and it really is 14 degrees outside. (It also says, "Feels like: -2".) FOURTEEN DEGREES. That is beyond cold, beyond freezing; it's just ridiculous! Seriously, two minutes outside and I can't feel my hands. Even though I'm wearing gloves. Good lord. I wore trouser socks and regular socks, a long-sleeve t-shirt under a cashmere turtleneck sweater, my coat and hood, plus a hat and gloves. And still really freaking cold.

Now I know what long underwear is for! Anyone know where to buy some? Although tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30s, and 40s/50s the rest of the week. That's just regular cold. Maybe I can deal with that?

This week sucks. Today did, that's for sure. I'm bored and antsy, and so are the kids. A whole bunch of my students were absent today. It may be the weather or the vacations. I'm kinda hoping for the latter, because fewer students is always better.

Class A only had 18 students in it, but was still out of my control. The boys, the boys! So loud and rambunctious.

Really, the day was kind of a waste. Only two more left. Thank god.

Let's see, there was a quickie staff meeting and then it was time for the semester's last class at QC. Wheee! I am excited that there are no classes for a month! However, tonight was rather torturous. I literally wanted to cry. People just summarized the chapters they had outlined, and some of the letters about a basketball dream team. SO BORING.

I know; I'm not much better than my students, right?

Next semester I'm in Wednesday night classes. The rest of my class buddies are in Thursday classes. I am going to miss them! There are a lot of fun, intelligent people in my program group.
Two of them are boys Well, I won't get to see either of them all next semester. I'm hoping we'll all do some group outings and I can flirt with them then. I miss boys.

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leyla said...

isn't queens college a famous teacher's school? or am i confused? if it is, one would think that the classes and programs are awesome. unlike my credentialing program which shall remain nameless. ahem.