Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Back to the boring life

We got up at 4am and went to the airport. Hung out in the cafe by the security checkpoint for a bit. Mom left. Very sad. :(

Got home, it was still dark. I actually did the reverse of my normal workday routine: walked down 71st at the same time I regularly walk up it. Anyway, I had thought I'd go back to bed, but I decided to just stay up.

I made a list of the things to do today and tomorrow, in order to get my work done and also have time to just chill. For Wednesday: 1. Correct all homework. 2. Update gradekeeper. 3. Cut out letters for poster. For Thursday: 1. Make new seating charts. 2. Lesson plans: a. Reading workshops, 7 and 8. b. First week back. 3. Finish posters.

So you would think that a dedicated, determined person would have gotten a good jump on that right away, right? Of course. Me? No way. I sat around all morning and read all the Desperate Housewives recaps on TWoP instead. Then, once I finished with that, uploaded pictures and updated the blog. Hm, procrastinating much?

Okay. Deep breath. Here goes, I am off to pull out that four days of homework that needs marking. I CAN DO IT. Clap your hands if you believe!

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Anonymous said...

I do that kind of browsing for Apprentice. The next day after show (friday) I exhaust all the comments on the episode. Half of fridays would be gone in no time, inspite of all te resolve the previous day not to do it.