Thursday, December 30, 2004

Archives done!

Hurrah, I have finished uploading the archives from my old site to this one. Now everything is all together! How cozy. The last thing I might do is redo my first big Paris trip that got lost.

Anyway, so today was fairly productive. I only slept about ten hours, which is surprising because the night before was about six. Anyway, I went to the library, got a whole pile of books-yay!--then on the way home, stopped at the grocery store.

I ate some lunch and worked on my part of the shared lesson plans for the proposal report. There are twenty-one writing lesson plans in the America's Choice book, and we divided up the first twelve to do accompanying reading workshop plans. For the first one, I wrote up what I did on Tuesday, and it looks pretty good. For the next one, I came up with a pretty brilliant thing, I think. It covers the standard of familiarity with public documents and teaches internet research. I need to get overhead copies made; I'll probably do that at Staples on the weekend.

After that, I finished up my poster and made it allsparkly. Since then, I've watched tv and updated my site and otherwise wasted the evening.

Nothing doing for tomorrow. I didn't want to call anyone and try to invite myself somewhere. I was hoping that one of the three I spoke with about it would call sometime. If I get a call tomorrow, cool. If not, well, that's more time to get some work done and watch movies. I keep forgetting that I still have a bunch of Popular DVDs to watch.

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