Saturday, December 11, 2004


I stayed up late to finish a book, and went to bed around 12.30.

So, imagine my utter consternation to find myself not really sleeping at 6.30 this morning. Fucking hell! I reluctantly got up at 7 after realizing that I was already awake, and just laying there with closed eyes wasn't doing anything.

So I figured I would get up and be productive or whatever, since I have so much to do this weekend. First I got in the shower, then put green goo on my face and sat around catching up on Fametracker. It's like internet crack, you just keep going back for more.

It's now 10.00. I typed out lesson plans for most of next week. I hashed them out with Ms F the other day, and with the test simulation happening Tuesday and Wednesday, it will mess with things. I guess that's good? That means one lesson will get me through two days of school, which I guess is pretty cool. But I've got to get started on this stupid project! This week was all group prep work, and next week will sort of introduce the concept of the project. Then for a few days the next week, we can try to talk about research and stuff. If the kids are even listening to anything at all, which I don't imagine they will.

I talked to my mom last night, and she encouraged me to embrace not my inner bitch, but my inner drill sargeant. And to bark out everything, no getting soft, no taking of excuses or anything at all. Hover right over people disobeying, writing notes, whatever. But to be careful not to actually BE angry, just acting. I have a hard time with that, because you can read my face like a book and I have a temper. Wish me luck and hardassedness.

I *will* be holding lunch detention, hopefully Monday, for all the disruptive kids yesterday. I am going to call a bunch of parents this weekend, and type out a new "bad note". Not like I ever get any notes back, but that's what the calls home will hopefully be useful for.

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