Thursday, December 23, 2004



So, I forgot to mention how much yesterday sucked. My throat really hurt, I could not raise my voice, I felt a bit woozy at times, and I cried two times talking to colleagues and almost cried in front of Class C. Eighth period with them, I just sat on a desk and talked in a steady, low voice. Because if I was talking loudly or walking around, I'm pretty sure I might have fallen over/ passed out.

Anyway, back to today. Mom and I got the train and bus right on time, and got to school. Introduced her to my two APs and I got the room ready.

Class B started out the day. Mom was great with them, she had them ask questions about her so they could figure out who she was. When she cleverly revealed who she was, they all gasped and were all, "ooh, really?" They were respectful and responsive and great.

Mom shared stories about her travels, and did a "show and tell" with a piece of slate and a boomerang. She read bits of the Polar Express and gave out some mini bells to the kids. She told them that her gift to them was words, magic phrases: "How can I help?" and "I can do that." I got to quickly share my big travel photos too. She brought some pictures of me when I was a baby and when I was about ten, so I showed them those too. I laughed at me and my funny teeth, but they seemed to enjoy seeing them anyway.

Class C were sort of jerks. Only one period, and they talked a lot, so Mom hardly got to share anything. Little C and Tall T and another student stayed to help clean up. They worked on the floors and library, while Mom organizing my pig-sty of a desk, and I did random tasks.

Two more preps to hang out downstairs with Ms F, Ms J, Ms C, and others. Ate some, too.

Class C was very nice, except for that one jackass kid and the talky kid. She dealt very nicely, and effectively, with them.

After school, those ladies and me and Mom went out for eats and drinks. We weren't even out for two hours, but it felt longer and it was a lot of fun. We probably talked way too much about school stuff, but geez, it's hard to avoid with a table full of teachers. The ladies seemed to really like Mom, and I'm assuming she liked them.

We finally got back, and then had to organize my little room with too much stuff in it. Too much of my stuff, and now my mom's stuff is here too. I really need to get more hangers and figure out some new clothing storage solutions. It's not pretty. Anyway, we wrapped gifts and checked email, listened to non-holiday music, and it's already 9.30.

So four kids gave me gifts! Yay, I am so touched, and it is so cute! I can't wait to see what they gave me. I have all my gifts in a pile, and it's kind of big. I thought I was not going to have any kind of presenty Christmas, but it looks like I've got a (relative!) bunch. One from Grandma, one from my awesome friend Stacey, a box from my dad, four from kids, plus assorted things from Mom. Neat!

Wow, tomorrow is Friday and I don't have to go to work. I don't have to get up early. I don't have to do anything related to school. I don't even have to THINK about school or work! That is just too cool.

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