Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Is the week over yet?

Seriously, I kept forgetting all day that it was only Tuesday. On the one hand, it means there's plenty of time for planning and getting test prep ready. On the other hand, that means three more days til Friday, not to mention that tomorrow is Wednesday. I rarely have nice Wednesdays; my schedule is weird and it feels busier than other days.

Today was better than yesterday, in that I did not cry. I shared a personal story about falling on my face in the London Underground with Class B, and they seemed to pay rapt attention. When the story was over and I went back to attempting to teach, though, there went the buzz of chatter.

Oh, and the testing thing was all just a ruse! Well, not really. It was very poorly worded in the memo. Sixth and seventh grades had normal classes at the normal times, but since the eighth graders were testing, they did not let any classes move around. So the teachers went to the students instead of vice versa. Thank god I was going to do a lesson with at least two classes, so I was prepared to instruct Class B this morning.

Class A was alright. The students whose parents I spoke to had better conduct today. But their classwork was still nada. Baby steps, right?

I am so fucking fatigued right now that I'm actually going to try going to bed. Before 8.00pm. On a weekday. Lately I've been yawning in class. Like, not while I'm talking or whatever, but in the front of the room, with kids watching and/or replying to a question, there I go and yawn. Hm, I think that is a bad sign. I would love to watch the Amazing Race tonight, but staying up til 10? I just don't think I can do it right now. Oh man, my arms feel like they have lead in them.


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