Sunday, December 19, 2004

So close, and yet so far

Ugh, I don't want to work anymore!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Once I got up, I did an hour's worth of work on my last math assignment. It was kind of fun, actually, we had to put together a dream team using statistics and stuff.

Right after that, I went into the city. (I was proud of myself for remembering to go to the right platform this time, not just automatically go to the one like I do every morning for work; that goes the wrong direction!) I strolled down towards Times Square. It was a lovely day, clear and chilly. When I came out of the subway, I was right at the Sheraton New York. Tourists and taxis swarming all over the place. It felt very strange to think that I "belong" here, I'm not a tourist and I know where I'm going. For the most part, anyway.
I stopped into a New York gift shop and got most of my shopping done. It was expensive to do it all at once like that! Yikes. Then I wandered around the next block and decided to have a snack at the Seattle Cafe, right next to the theatre showing Mamma Mia (just one of the MANY shows on my list to see).

Then I called my cousin who lives near the WTC site, who I hadn't spoken to since August, when my mom was out before. He was free, so I went to his place and we caught up on life. He was lucky enough to take a trip to Paris earlier this fall! He went there because a friend of his was studying there. Turns out it was a UW student on the same trip I'd gone on, and Helene was their teacher! Helene was my French professor my junior year, as well as the leader for the study abroad group. She is seriously the nicest and smartest woman I have ever met. So generous and kind, and she knows EVERYTHING! Anyway, so I was excited to look at all the pictures my cousin and his friend had taken. There was some fantastic ones of the skyline, the Eiffel Tower, and the skyline from the Eiffel Tower. I love Paris so much. I wonder when I'll get back there again? I really should go someplace new the next time I can travel. But I always feel the pull of Paris...

Anyway, we grabbed the old train (see one of the pics below) and went to Union Square for a yummy dinner at Chat n Chew. I just had nachos and fries; terribly unhealthy, but so delicious and filling. It seems like I'm always hungry lately; there is no time to eat during the day, and what little food I bring with me never seems to quench much hunger. Anyway.
Did some more gift shopping briefly, before returning home. I don't know what I did all night. I watched some tv, I think, and puttered around. Certainly did no work.

Now it's Sunday evening. I slept pretty well, and really did not want to get up. Dragged myself up at around 10.30. I worked for another hour on lesson plan stuff and math stuff. Then I gave myself a break and watched an entire disc of Felicity. Have I said lately how much I love that show? I just hate it when each episode ends. The thrill of instantly watching the next one has not gotten old, though. I Heart Netflix!

I whined out loud to myself that I didn't wanna work! I didn't want to make those phone calls, or finish the math thing, or finish my lesson plans. So I called my mom instead. We talked for an hour about her visit to my school on Thursday. I'm excited. I so hope these next three days go by like lightning, quick like a bunny!

After her encouragement to just do it, I made the phone calls to parents, the ones I'd threatened my students with on Friday. I think I only reached one actual person, the rest I left messages. Whew. I love being able to just leave messages. Sort of takes the pressure off of me; I did my part, now it's up to the parent to reciprocate.

Then I finished my math thing and found some more example editorials/proposals for my reading workshops. The week will not be especially exciting for my students, but god, who cares. We've got to get this stuff out of the way, so that they know what to research over the break. Then after that, we'll just talk about actually writing the report letter and doing the presentation.

It's only seven. Time for more Felicity!

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