Wednesday, December 29, 2004


In three short (?) hours, I have completed two of the three tasks from my day's list! Yay for me!

I corrected all the homework; that took an hour and a half. I have gotten pretty good at quick-grading assignments. They are graded with points based on specific criteria like 5 paragraphs and connecting words. Thus, it is not necessary to actually read all the work. I just glance at it, look for the elements I'm grading on, and write a grade at the top. BAM!
Phew! It feels so good to have that done. It was a big pile and it intimidated me.

For the second hour and a half, I cut out letters for a new poster chart, about Mom's "Magic Words." I think everything will fit on one poster, so I just need to glue it and then glitter it. That's on the list for tomorrow.

I'm okay with not completing the last task (updating my grading program), because it's not as mandatory/important as the other two.

If I am really ambitious, I could shower and go to the library. I need books to read! I love vacation!

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Jubileee said...

Sounds productive. I have a big bin of unmarked assignments here. I'm dreading marking them. I wish I had some of your ambition. :)