Saturday, December 11, 2004

Is it time to party yet?

I have worked nonstop for the past four hours. Finally caught up on grading homework, updated the grades in the computer, and made a bunch of parent phone calls. There are still some tests that need to be graded, but ugh. Maybe those can wait. There's a good month left in the quarter.

I did not go to the library, so I will have a few fines. Yikes. But I didn't feel like interrupting the flow of work I was doing, plus I am too lazy to actually get dressed and go outside in the dreary weather. Blah.

That stupid math thing is hanging over my head, I'm not enjoying the idea of having to still do that. But I'm tired and hungry and don't want to work anymore today. I guess that means I'll have to suck it up and do it tomorrow.

I have been listening to Dar Williams' "The Green World" nonstop all week. It is so great. Go give it a listen.

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