Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mom's last day :(

Not a very exciting day, but it was productive. The late morning and early afternoon were all taken by organization and cleaning. Rearranged the clothes that had been in boxes into the cubes. Organized the mini-closet. Then I took all the crap off the shelves, threw it into a pile on the floor, and went through it and organized that too. Now everything looks neat and pretty.

We went into the city with the intent of seeing a show. TKTS only had shows we didn't really care about, so we left and went over to Fifth Avenue. We went to the eighth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue and ate dinner there, then looked at a few pretty coats on the floor. One of them had this fur collar that was the softest thing I've ever felt. It was so light and fluffy that I almost couldn't feel it, if that makes sense. It was made of nutria fur; I didn't know that was, but I want some of it on a pillow and never stop nuzzling it. It was so soft!

We took the train home, played a little Cranium, and watched Scrubs. I looked up a nutria, and it's a nasty-looking swamp rat that lives in the Southeastern US. Ugly thing that somehow has the softest fur imaginable.

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